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"I never travel without my journal.
One should always have something sensational to read..."
- Oscar Wilde









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Gay's Journal 2001

Christina's Journal 2001

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Lots of work is created while in the car - moments captured from the passing visuals. Paris, 1994This captured my last day in Paris. Noting all the amazing things we saw on our last day, I also painted quick view of the Rodin Garden and the flowers from our flat.

Canada was full of great signage - always a plus to find new interesting road signs!

Santa FeSanta Fe turned out to be a great place to paint - lots of unique things like this pepper cart of colorful interest.

This boat tour was facinating - even the people were interesting subjects!
Big Sur Big Sur is beautiful anytime of year, but especially glorious from a small airplane -- the bridges are even more outstanding!
The Monterey Aquarium had lots of paintable critters.
Kinsale, Cork, Ireland Swans were everywhere in the small town of Kinsale in the south of Ireland. I also drew a group of singing fisherman pulling in salmon from the bay.
England's birdlife captured.
Sunflower season Simple drawings of local objects can be wonderful.
Closer to home, the signage at Elkhorn Slough were wonderful to capture and paint.
Farther from home still, the Arc de Triumph in Paris was an amazing location to paint from -- all that history-- and traffic!
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