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"The summer I learned to draw wasn't anything special at all, it was just the first summer I ever really saw."

-Hannah Hinchman

Who are they?

Gay Kraeger

Gay Kraeger is a graphic designer, and worked as a production artist for many years. Even though she was an art major, she didn’t draw much during that time. Christina’s France drawings inspired Gay to start keeping a journal. Prompted by the request of friends, they started teaching "Illustrated Watercolor Journaling."

Journaling inspired Gay to start a new business designing interpretive display panels. See where journaling has taken her at WILDWAYS Illustrated.

You can email Gay at gaykraeger@gmail.com.

Christina Lopp

Christina Lopp Schwabecher, co-founder of IWJ has moved on in her life, but forever left her mark on IWJ. She had no formal art background, started journaling in Paris in 1994. Her style captured small details and the character of her trip. Upon returning, she found that many people were interested in the resulting journal even with its simple drawings.

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