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"Only when he no longer know what he is doing does the painter do good things."

-Edgar Degas









Student Journal pages

Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07

Various students from Jan 26, 2002

Student pages


Here a student took the form of the bird feeder, and simplified it to more basic forms, giving it a Japanese print look. Watercolor by Jeannie Tillman







We use this tool (along with others) to teach our students in our workshops who are afraid to draw. With a piece of plexiglass over a window and a black sharpie, students just copy the outlines of what they see out the window.

Students get the chance to make quick 15 second sketches so that they don't worry about too many details. This gets them ready to sketch things in the real world that don't stay still! Watercolors by Betsy Fullagar.

Students literally trace a scene, drawing the outlines of exactly what they see out the window.

Images that are quickly sketched, can be enhanced rather quickly with a watercolor kit, which doesn't have to be a major production: a small kit of pan watercolors, a film canister of water, a brush and a pen, and with a journal, you have yourself your own portable art studio!

Watercolor by Heidi Black.

The plexiglass is then brought to the drawing table, and with white paper behind it, the student transfers the image onto watercolor paper with either a pencil or (if they are brave!) with pen. No magic, just using the hand and eye to recreate the image. We suggest that they turn the image upside-down if they get confused, because this rids the mind of what the image is "supposed to be," and instead is just a transfer of line.

Simple objects are a good place to start for people who really think they can't draw -- this proves that with a little patience, and real "seeing" students really can draw! Watercolor by Alex Berg.

The final image is then painted with watercolors. The student adds their own commentary on the image, writing about their experience, the day, the weather... whatever moves them. Drawings by Linda Smith.

The April 6, 2002 class was also wonderful! Our students braved the morning fog to find a wonderful afternoon for drawing outside in the garden... --->

Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07
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