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"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."

- Anais Nin









Student Journal pages

Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07

Various students from July 27, 2002

Student pages


The day started foggy, and many students from all over the Bay Area came up to Gay's lovely mountain home. Brook, Gay's husband, brought a caravan of students up the winding Longridge Road from the Summit Store in his yellow `57 Chevy.

Here's a cover for her new journal: Watercolor by Linda Heyes

A simple quick contour drawing for 30 seconds can create a lovely piece of art!
Watercolor by Marjorie Thomson

Recording sights and sounds while you are drawing really reminds you of the place you were when you drew the image. Watercolor by Doña Bumgartener

The fountain in the garden is wonderful to draw because it's sound of dripping water relaxes the viewer into quiet submission. Watercolor by David Lazarony.


Playing with what you see, and what you imagine is a wonderful expression in a watercolor journal. You don't have to draw just what you see, you can add, subtract any parts you wish! You are the artist! You have artistic license!
Also, just playing with what you can do with washes and color choice with watercolor can be half (or more!) of the fun! Watercolor by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank.

This quick contour drawing gives the stationary object some real life! Watercolor by Barbara Lazarony.

Drawing about memories helps you remember what is important to you.
Watercolor by Dannie Daniels.

Drawing the layout of your the first house will probably bring up memories of your youth -- where you played, the texture of the carpet, etc. Drawing by Nancy Fuja.

Drawing and coloring the objects you see around you will always help to remind you of that moment. A few words help, too!


Watercolor by Stefanie Lindeen

This beautiful page is about to be added to a watercolor journal. Watercolor by Liz Stroh-Coughlin.

Learning how to add more depth of color to an image can sometimes be a struggle, but just by looking at where darkness and shadows exist, you can find the places where the layers of watercolor can be added. Also, use of fun rubber stamps adds a lot to the feel of the page!

Watercolor by Norma Lydon

Drawing local flora and fauna is a great way to start to see more! Watercolor by Janet Locey.

With a few brushes, pens, a small watercolor kit and a journal, you can create an amazing set of memories of your life. Playing with color and words, you can make beautiful pages.

Watercolor by Patricia Loftus.

Anna Esparza | Terry Parker | Jan 26, 02 | July 27, 02 | Jan 25, 04 | Collage 9/07
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